Calvin Klein USB Sunglasses

We’ve all heard of people having 20/20 vision, well how about 4Gb vision?

Before you feel anymore confused, I’m not spouting out some new form of optometrist jargon, I talking about Calvin Klein’s USB sunglasses.

Geek glasses are all the rage at the moment but these ones are geeky in a subtle and rather useful way – in the right arm of these stylish UV sunglasses lies a 4Gb Flash drive USB stick.

They were released in October last year, a bad time for us Brits seeing as the sun hibernates around then. But now the golden rays are more frequently shining it’s the perfect time to try out some high-tech, high-fashion shades!



One response to “Calvin Klein USB Sunglasses

  1. I like these ones!! Also like the fashion phones 🙂

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