Light up heels from Chanel, Rodarte and Jimmy Choo

There is a new fashionology craze circulating the footwear sector lately – light up shoes. Do you remember those oh-so-cool trainers you begged your parents to buy you when you were younger, the ones that lit up when you jumped? Well now some of the biggest names in fashion are having a go.

First it was Chanel; Lagerfeld obviously had a “light bulb moment” and decided to use that as inspiration for his S/S 2010 footwear line. The sequined goat sandals with a functioning bulb heel will have you lighting up the pavement like MJ in his Billie Jean music video.

Image via Chanel

Next are Rodarte’s Illuminated Heels designed by Nicholas Kirkwood, a London based shoe designer, for the labels A/W collection, 2010/2011. These gorgeous multi-textured stilettos, shown at New York Fashion Week, are fitted with small LED lights that glow through the dripped-wax effect heel.

Images via designboom

Last, but by no means least, is one of the footwear titans, Jimmy Choo. These black patent-leather and suede, open-toe Zappa sandals have a five inch high neon-yellow heel and a one inch neon-pink platform which lights up. It is powered by a non-chargeable battery imbedded in the shoe, which lasts for approximately 100 hours of continuous use.

Image via Net-a-porter

Talk about being light on your feet!


2 responses to “Light up heels from Chanel, Rodarte and Jimmy Choo

  1. Cynthia Steffe

    A little off the subject maybe, but a request for people to think about the ethics of purchasing things like designer clothes. Please try and think about, for example, the things the product is manufactured with, the conditions of the employees where they’re manufactured and the green credentials of retailers. Oh, and try to share rather than throwing away. Thanks!!!!

    • Hi Cynthia,
      I’m afraid I don’t know much about the ethics of these particular shoes but I do know that many designers are starting to become more ethically aware, i.e. Stella McCartney. I also strongly agree with you on the swapping element and working on a post surround that theme as we speak! You read my mind! In a few days it will be up so please do come back and have a read.

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