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LG Fashion Touch party

I announced not long ago the ad campaign for the new LG Fashion phones, fronted by Eva Longoria Parker and Victoria Beckham and now here are the pictures from the launch party in Los Angeles.

Victoria and Eva, the faces of the LG Fashion Touch

Sisters, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Jessica Simpson turned out for the event.

Vanessa Hudgens stood out in her bright blue mini dress.

Jessica Stroup, star of hit TV show 90210 wore a classic white, one shoulder mini.

Twilight star Anna Kendrick donned a classic LBD avec strappy sandals.


Sex and the City 2 teams up with HP in Daily Mirror competition

The Daily Mirror has just closed entries for its Sex and the City 2 and HP challenge in which entrants had the chance to win a HP TouchSmart notebook.

The computer manufacturer has impressed techie fashionistas again by teaming up with the most fashionable movie of the year. Its most recent fashion collaboration, the HP Vivienne Tam Mini was even featured in the film and now two avid fans will win their very own HP laptop.

The winner can do a Carrie and tap away at their new notebook that features Windows 7 and touch-enabled apps like Hulu, Twitter and Skype.

You may have missed the entry date for this competition but do not fear. On HP’s Facebook page they are advertising another competition that could see you jet-setting off the NYC to roam the streets of the big city with three of your girls! The prize includes airfare for you and three guests, a hotel for four nights, limo pick up, $2,000 Visa gift card and other unspecified SATC 2 prizes. Semi-finalists will win an HP Vivienne Tam notebook.

All you have to do is state which HP Product best expresses your style out of the Vivienne Tam Butterfly Mini, the TouchSmart AIO desktop, the TouchSmart tm2, the Envy 15, the Mini 210 and the dv6 entertainment notebook.

Entries can be made via video, essay or photo but must be in by 10th June 2010. I know which one I’ll be entering with…

Via StyleCaster

Vintage mechanical jewellery

I stumbled across these amazing industrial looking jewellery pieces at They are made from old watch parts and Swarovski crystals, another Fashionology beaut! Check them out…

This gold one is my absolute favourite!

Which would you wear?

iPad accessories gone mad!

(So mad that I’m rhyming…oh dear.)

Well we all knew it was only a matter of time and here we have it, the crazy iPad accessories have begun to reveal themselves.

The Louis Vuitton cases were nice, classy and practical, but I’ve just spotted an article on Engadget that shows people taking luxury accessorising to a new level of ridiculous – the 22ct “solid gold” iPad.

I admit, I love gold, I even used to own the D&G gold Motorola Razor, but it wasn’t made of real gold. This iPad has been pimped out by Stuart Hughes, a company that apparently slathers gadgets in gold and jewels.

This Midas inspired decoration is topped off with total of 53 individually 25.5 cts of ‘I’F’ Flawless diamonds in place of the traditional Apple logo – pretty, yes, stupid, definitely, the thing weighs a whopping 2,100 grams!!!

Well the owner of the gold iPad won’t be able to use this next accessory without serious back problems; I give you the iPad chain. Yes folks, if you want to turn the iPad into a necklace, you can get a chain like this guy (see below).

Finally, there is the SeV clothing line, which is apparently “the first and only clothing line with a pocket for the iPad”. You can buy the (pictured) SeV Travel Vest from 1st July for a bargain $100 (around £60) – somehow I think this may be a slow seller…

Source Engadget

Rihanna lights up the stage with laser and LED outfits

Rihanna has always been brave when it comes to fashion and the outfits worn during her European Last Girl On Earth tour have been demonstrating her love for Fashionology!

Rihanna, 22, sported a floor-length black dress covered in red LEDs which was capable of displaying video!

rihanna led dress

The dress, designed by Paris based couturier Alexandre Vauthier and developed by Mortiz Waldemeyer (creator of Imogen Heap’s Twitter dress), uses a combination of compressed gas systems and video capable LED circuits, smart eh?


The star also shone (quite literally) at the AMA’s last year, with her bondage style catsuit with laser embedded shoulder pads – created again by Moritz Waldemeyer along with Rihanna’s styling team and Simon Henwood.

rihanna laser shoulderpads

First Rihanna, then Katy Perry…even Bono donned a laser-fitted leather jacket by Moritz Waldemeyer during U2’s 360° Tour in 2009. Fashionology is catching…spread the word people!

Flip-flops with built in LED torch

Ok this may seem like a strange idea to some, but for all you beach bums and surfers out there, this is a really cool piece of Fashionology!

Teva, a sport sandal and shoe manufacturer has come up with the illūm sandal which provides a “glow from below”. What they mean by that precarious phrase is that the sandal has a small waterproof LED torch set into the toe-post to aid those who like to hit the waves at the crack of dawn. It literally lights up the ground in front of you so you can see where you are walking!

Can’t say I spend much time on a board, “cutting-back”, seeing as my nearest stretch of water is the murky Thames. However, this is a bitchin’ idea for anyone who spends the early hours of their morning try to see their way to water front.

Getting to that surf spot can be quite difficult when it’s dark, I mean its hard enough work to walk across sand in the light, let alone dodge pot-holes and large rocks in the dark of dawn.

The illūm sandal is the perfect solution. The top sole is made from comfortable and soft leather, or a cheaper synthetic material if you’d prefer, and the outsole from rubber and the LED light is waterproof and detachable.

They cost just $60, (around £40) and you can buy them from the 11th May on the Teva website.

Safe and stylish cycling: a bicycle jacket with lights

Of late, I have seen increasing numbers of cyclists on the road; the result of the warmer weather, or perhaps a reaction to global warming?

I have often thought about joining this new cycling cult. I long to evoke the nostalgia of being eleven years old and feeling the wind whipping at my face; I remember it being very liberating!

But there are two things that put me off now that I am older and living in a big city with crazy cab drivers.

Number one – safety. I have heard so many horror stories of cyclists being hit by bendy buses and just the other day, some guy in a pimped out BMW decided to start reversing in the bus lane and almost knocked a poor woman off her bike! I was horrified!

Number two – what do you wear on a bike? I’ve seen brave women pedalling around London in heels and skirts, sans helmet, and considering the above fear that doesn’t seem so wise. Also, what about cycling at night? Fluorescents never did suit me.

It was just this week, however, that I found a brilliant piece of Fashionology that could remedy the fluorescent situation, at least. Angella Mackey, a Toronto-based media artist and clothing designer, has created stylish bicycle jackets with lights imbedded in them.

Pure genius! Now if only I could find a fashionable helmet…the search is on!

Via Angella Mackey