Flip-flops with built in LED torch

Ok this may seem like a strange idea to some, but for all you beach bums and surfers out there, this is a really cool piece of Fashionology!

Teva, a sport sandal and shoe manufacturer has come up with the illūm sandal which provides a “glow from below”. What they mean by that precarious phrase is that the sandal has a small waterproof LED torch set into the toe-post to aid those who like to hit the waves at the crack of dawn. It literally lights up the ground in front of you so you can see where you are walking!

Can’t say I spend much time on a board, “cutting-back”, seeing as my nearest stretch of water is the murky Thames. However, this is a bitchin’ idea for anyone who spends the early hours of their morning try to see their way to water front.

Getting to that surf spot can be quite difficult when it’s dark, I mean its hard enough work to walk across sand in the light, let alone dodge pot-holes and large rocks in the dark of dawn.

The illūm sandal is the perfect solution. The top sole is made from comfortable and soft leather, or a cheaper synthetic material if you’d prefer, and the outsole from rubber and the LED light is waterproof and detachable.

They cost just $60, (around £40) and you can buy them from the 11th May on the Teva website.


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