iPad accessories gone mad!

(So mad that I’m rhyming…oh dear.)

Well we all knew it was only a matter of time and here we have it, the crazy iPad accessories have begun to reveal themselves.

The Louis Vuitton cases were nice, classy and practical, but I’ve just spotted an article on Engadget that shows people taking luxury accessorising to a new level of ridiculous – the 22ct “solid gold” iPad.

I admit, I love gold, I even used to own the D&G gold Motorola Razor, but it wasn’t made of real gold. This iPad has been pimped out by Stuart Hughes, a company that apparently slathers gadgets in gold and jewels.

This Midas inspired decoration is topped off with total of 53 individually 25.5 cts of ‘I’F’ Flawless diamonds in place of the traditional Apple logo – pretty, yes, stupid, definitely, the thing weighs a whopping 2,100 grams!!!

Well the owner of the gold iPad won’t be able to use this next accessory without serious back problems; I give you the iPad chain. Yes folks, if you want to turn the iPad into a necklace, you can get a chain like this guy (see below).

Finally, there is the SeV clothing line, which is apparently “the first and only clothing line with a pocket for the iPad”. You can buy the (pictured) SeV Travel Vest from 1st July for a bargain $100 (around £60) – somehow I think this may be a slow seller…

Source Engadget


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