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Festival fashionology: wellies that charge your phone

If you are worried about how to keep in contact with friends/boyfriend/parents when you are at a festival, Orange has developed an ideal solution- ‘welectricity’!


The Orange Power Wellies are a must-have this summer – they keep your feet dry and generate renewable energy that can be used to rejuvenate your mobile phone.

The power is collected through the “power generating sole” so around twelve hours of dancing around at Bestival this September will provide you with enough power to charge your mobile for one hour!

The science of it is as follows; inside the sole of the boots lie thermoelectric modules constructed of pairs of p-type and n-type semiconductor materials forming a thermocouple.

The thermocouples are electrically connected to form multiple thermocouples which are then placed between two ceramic layers.


So when heat (from you foot) is applied to the top side of the layer, and a cold surface (the ground) touches the underside, electricity is generated.

If you don’t get the technical part, all you need to know is they are practical, classic festival chic and they keep your phone alive. One festival dilemma solved!

The wellies were showcased as a prototype at Glastonbury this year, so let hope they bring them out in time for all the festivals to come!



VHS dress by Sciana

I stumbled across an amazing creation by an artist called Sciana – a dress made from recycled VHS tapes!

You may think the concept is weird, but just think of some of Lady Gaga’s flamboyant ensembles before you make a judgement – she is a modern style icon who has worn coke cans in her hair and lace eyelashes. Weird is cool.

We’re seen models strut down the catwalk in dresses made from newspapers, so why not reuse old technology and made a pretty dress!

Via Gizmodo and Sciana

Dell’s OPI nail polish laptop lids

I am the kind of girl who loves to subtly match my nail varnish with accessories, or random parts of my outfit, but I never dreamt I could match it with a laptop?!

Dell’s designers have teamed up with OPI, the nail lacquer experts to create laptops, shamelessly aimed at the girly girl. The OPI partnership has added 26  colours to the bountiful artwork selection that Dell has offers its customers.

dell_OPI selection

If you buy any Dell Studio 15, Studio 17 or Inspiron Mini laptops (prices start at £249 for the Mini 10),  you can customise it with an OPI colour at the Dell Design Studio for an extra £69.

Shades to choose from include “Big Apple Red,” “Strawberry Margarita,” “Rosy Future” (pictured below) and “Kyoto Pearl” as well as a selection of colours from the recently released Hong Kong collection.

Dell_OPI_rosy future

Now, here is a quote from Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive Vice President & Artistic Director:

“With Dell laptops that coordinate with OPI Nail Lacquers, you can match your nails to your emails!”


But don’t let this rather patronising rhyming couplet put you off, these laptops actually look quite stylish! For more information visit

Via Dell

Sony Nextep Computer Bracelet

If you thought that smart phones were a genius method of portable computing, then you clearing haven’t heard of Sony’s Nextep computer bracelet concept, cultivated by Hiromi Kiriki.

sony bracelet

OLED technology is on its way, and has been the buzz word on everyone’s lips since this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sony has come up with an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) device that can be wrapped around your wrist and worn as a bracelet, tjhat could also come in a variation of colours to match your wardrobe!

sony bracelet green

sony bracelet pink

OLED screens are around 200 times thinner than a human hair, making it the perfect malleable material for a wrist computer. This is exciting the inner Inspector Gadget in me!

This bracelet will function as a PC via a holographically projected screen complete with pull out keyboard panels. In theory, it will have full internet access, and if successfully executed will be the “must have” accessory of 2020.

Watch this space…

Via PC Site

Images Via Yanko

Elle’s Solar-Powered handbags

Don’t you just hate it when you are out and about and your phone battery dies on you? Or when it’s dark and you are fumbling with your keys outside your front door trying to find the lock?

Well, Elle magazine has advertised a solution to these very annoying problems – a solar-powered handbag! 

loomstate bagAbove: Loomsate solar-powered bag

Although this may sound like a fabulous idea for us city girls who want the ultimate in convenience, the design was originally made for those without electricity and stable forms of power.

Last year Elle came across the Flap bag (short for Flexible Light and Power), which was made by Sheila Kennedy as part of the Portable Light Project. This non-profit research, design and engineering initiative was set up to help the developing world, by providing people with practical, renewable power and light.

The portable light textile used in the Flap bag can provide light for peoples homes so their children can study, and it can also charge mobile phones and other small devices to help better communication.

Elle thought this was a brilliant invention (as do I), and decided to help the cause. The magazine got in touch with eight designers, including Diane von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger, Loomsate and Loeffler Randall, and asked them create a Flap bag of their own. 

 solar-powered bags 

Above, left- right: Solar-powered bags by Diane von Furstenberg and Loeffler Randall

These bags are soon to be auctioned off and the proceeds will be donated to the cause.

This piece of fashionology can bring light into the lives of the world’s poorest people, give them a sustainable source of power and a better standard of living.

For more information about the Portable Light Project and how to donate, visit

For a closer look at the designer totes, go to Elle’s photo gallery. No news of an auction date or site yet, but keep checking back on the article for details!


Eurovision lights the way for Fashionology!

On 29th May 2010 millions of viewers settled down in front of their televisions to laugh at marvel at the acts on this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Norway.
I usually try to avoid this, the cheesiest event of the 2010, like the plague but this year I watched from beginning to end, from the Opa! song of Greece (which I secretly now love) to the ‘80s electro from Moldova.

I will now tell you what exactly kept my eyes glued to the screen for hours, enduring hours of false smiles and quivering notes; it was the very first act to perfom Safura of Azerbaijan. Not only was her voice actually quite impressive, she was wearing a fashionology favourite – an LED dress, made by Cute Circuit!


This amazing blue and green dress with an elegant train was fitted with the very same LED devices that set Katy Perry alight on the red carpet just weeks before.

As I continued to watch, hoping for more techno-fashion surprises, I was not disappointed. When the act from Belarus, 3+2, performed their song ‘Butterflies’ the audience was wowed (either by the sheer tackiness, or by genuine awe) at the butterfly wings that spontaneously sprouted from the gold, silver and bronze gowns of the female singers.


Yes a little OTT I know, but it was still amazing to see these acts embracing the wonders of Fashionology! Roll on Eurovision 2011!

Images via Catwalk Queen