Festival fashionology: wellies that charge your phone

If you are worried about how to keep in contact with friends/boyfriend/parents when you are at a festival, Orange has developed an ideal solution- ‘welectricity’!


The Orange Power Wellies are a must-have this summer – they keep your feet dry and generate renewable energy that can be used to rejuvenate your mobile phone.

The power is collected through the “power generating sole” so around twelve hours of dancing around at Bestival this September will provide you with enough power to charge your mobile for one hour!

The science of it is as follows; inside the sole of the boots lie thermoelectric modules constructed of pairs of p-type and n-type semiconductor materials forming a thermocouple.

The thermocouples are electrically connected to form multiple thermocouples which are then placed between two ceramic layers.


So when heat (from you foot) is applied to the top side of the layer, and a cold surface (the ground) touches the underside, electricity is generated.

If you don’t get the technical part, all you need to know is they are practical, classic festival chic and they keep your phone alive. One festival dilemma solved!

The wellies were showcased as a prototype at Glastonbury this year, so let hope they bring them out in time for all the festivals to come!

Via gotwind.org


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