Bulbo: the device that lights up your handbag

Hooray, finally a solution for us ladies with huge handbags that seem to swallow everything you pack inside them!

Don’t you just hate getting to your front door after a long night, quivering slightly on your six inch heels, desperate to find your darn keys in the dark? Well, Italian designer Nicole Osella feels your pain and has come up with a clever solution, the Bulbo.


The Bulbo is a strip of LED lights that attach to almost any bag thanks to its ergonmic design. The silicon bulb clips it to the edge of the bag and the light scatter strip lies at the base of your handbag. It is a self-charging device which gets its battery juice from a sphere that hangs outside of the bag (its quite small and just looks like a bag charm) and harnesses the kinetic energy with back and forth movement.


I want one – it is the perfect adversary to the black hole at the bottom of my bag!

Via Ubergizmo


One response to “Bulbo: the device that lights up your handbag

  1. What an amazing idea! Love it!



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