Cosmo launches 3D magazine cover featuring Cat Deeley!

I was doing my weekly shop ay Tesco last night and a flickering image caught my eye as I browsed the magazine isle. Was I deliriously hungry, or was Cat Deeley actually swishing her hair at me from the cover of Cosmo’s September issue?

You’ll be glad to hear I am not losing my mind! Cosmopolitan magazine has launched a special edition 3D magazine cover featuring a hologram of the TV presenter!

cosmo 3D cover

In celebration of her being the new face of Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light, Cosmo has released a special collectors edition of the magazine.

As you move the mag you will see Cat perform her signature hair swish –  in recognition of Pantene’s “Make a Swisssh” campaign.

Only 50,000 copies  will be distributed (via Tesco only) so if you want to own a piece of Fashionology history – Cosmo’s very first 3D fashion magazine cover – AND get your hands on the free Pantene product and £1 voucher inside, get down to you nearest Tesco ASAP!


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