Spray-on clothes exhibited at Science in Style Fashion Show

Picture your morning routine: you come out of the shower, spritz on some deodorant, splash on some perfume and spray on your outfit for the day…yes, it is possible!

spray_on fabrican

On Monday last week Dr Manel Torres, Spanish fashion designer and academic visitor at Imperial, wowed hundreds of academics and key industry figures during the Science in Style Fashion Show with his unique “spray-on haute couture”.

The event, held at Imperial College London, showcased 10 years of work by Dr. Torres and Professor Paul Luckham, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemical technology.

The result was Fabrican, a liquid material that is sprayed directly onto the body and which dries in an instant to create the desired item of clothing. These items can even be washed and re-worn!

Models made their way down the catwalk in white ensembles that represented famous structures from around the world, including Spain’s Guggenheim Museum and London’s Gherkin building.

science in style

The inspiration for such a concept derived from Dr. Torres wanting to “make a futuristic, seamless, quick and comfortable material”.

Dr. Torres said: “As an artist I spend my time dreaming up one-off creations, but as a scientist I have to focus on making things reproducible. I want to show how science and technology can help designers come up with new materials.”

Fashion is just the tip of the iceberg too; these scientist are looking into expanding this ingenious material to the transport, medical and chemical industries, even suggesting the creation of sterile cans of the stuff to use as bandages!

To watch a video of Fabrican in action and for a glimpse of the haute couture creations just click here – it really is amazing!


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