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Fashionology has found a stylish cycling helmet!

A few months ago I wrote a post about stylish light-up bicycle jackets and since then I have been on a mission to find a fashionable helmet to complete the deal.

As more and more people jump on the cycling bandwagon, I am beginning to feel the urge to do so myself. But before I perch myself precariously on a Boris bike and peddle about the busy London streets, I want to make sure I am safe – a cracked skull is not a good look.

One problem…cycling helmets can be very ugly things, especially if like me you aren’t a ‘hat person’. But thankfully there may be a solution, thanks to the Swedish designers behind Hövding or Chieftain as it is also known.


Hövding is a cycling helmet unlike any other on the market – for a start, its not really a helmet – it’s more of an airbag for your head. Hövding is effectively a collar that you wear around your neck which can cleverly be disguised as a scarf or snood and inside it holds a folded up airbag.

Hövding airbag

In the event of an accident, this airbag will inflate into a cushioned hood around your head, shielding you from injury. Sounds strange I know, but if you take a look at this video you can see how it works.


The airbag is made of durable nylon, to prevent bursting when in contact with concrete and inflates in an impressive 0.1 seconds. The collar is fitted with a tiny helium gas generator and is called into action by accelerometers and gyro-meters – which record the abnormal movement of a rider in an accident.


This is such a great invention! The collars look great and mean that you can keep safe on the road without sporting a heavy and unattractive helmet!

The Chieftain can also tell the difference between small movements and a car hitting you at 20 miles an hour, to there is no risk of you inflating your head whilst you bend down to big up you bag.

HövdingThere is so much more technical genius behind the Hövding so if you would like to read more about it visit the Hövding website.

Via Wired


My HP Style on ASOS

Online shopping legend ASOS has teamed with the oracle of stylish laptops, HP, to create a new “Fashion Insider” campaign.

fashion insider

Visitors to ASOS, or those of you obsessed enough to receive regular email updates from the side (that’s me right there) may well have seen the HP ads asking you to “take the style challenge”.

The aim of this challenge is for you to play around with some of ASOS’s latest stock and create your ideal style, and also to promote HP’s line of fashionable notebooks.

I had a go and came up with a few outfits I loved. Plus, it even uploads them to Facebook too, avec title and your name!

my HP style

If you want to share your ASOS style then take the HP Style Insider challenge.

Elizabeth Hurley turns on the 3D show for Breast Cancer Awareness at Harrods

On Tuesday last week, British beauty  Elizabeth Hurley paid a visit to Harrods in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and it was quite a show!

Elizabeth Hurley

This was an event in honour of both for the Breast Cancer Awareness charity and for Estée Lauder, to raise awareness and contributions for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Hurley, who is the brand ambassador for Estée Lauder and ambassador for Breast Cancer Awareness, pushed the button which turned the famous Harrods facade pink in a spectacular 3D Global Illumination ceremony.

All viewers were given pink 3D glasses and saw the skies turn pink and strewn with the dazzling Breast Cancer Awareness emblem, the pink ribbon.

Hurley wore a gorgeous one-shoulder dress – in pink  of course – and met customers and signed purchases from the exclusive Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Collection 2010.

Estee Lauder lip design collection

If you want to help with the cause, buying one of the Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Collection 2010 products is a great way to start, as £7.50 of every purchase is donated to the The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

To get yours visit the Harrods website.

Image via London Evening Standard

Mechanical Couture at the Design Museum Holon, Israel

From the 14th October 2010 until 8th January 2011 The Design Museum Holon will be holding a ground-breaking exhibition with a fashionology theme.

Mechanical Couture

The show, entitled Mechanical Couture, will display the works of famous designers from all over the globe including ISSAY MIYAKE creative director Dai Fujiwara in collaboration with Dyson, British designer Shelley Fox and shoe designer Marloes ten Bhömer.

This exhibition explores how machines are redefining haute couture, an area of fashion synonymous with quality and hand craftsmanship.

Marloes ten Bhomer

Although mechanics and fashion put together usually conjure up images of factories and mass-produced garments that look exactly same, in this exhibition these designers are looking at how machines can help deliver very uniquely crafted garments as well.

For more information about the exhibition and the designers involved visit the Design Museum Holon website.

The Rainbow Winters collection – clothes that react to water and sunlight!

Just as the precarious British weather surprises us, changing from rain to shine and back again, young designers are catching us out with new and more ingenious creations every fashion week.

Amy Winters, British/Swedish designer and Central Saint Martin’s graduate, has  created a capsule spring summer 2011 collection that is inspired by the changing weather, and boy to we love it!

Rainbow winters

Her label, Rainbow Winters, has just debuted its first ready-to-wear collection on the catwalks at London Fashion Week and here at Fashionology we are very taken with her designs.

Amy has created a collection of printed garments which change colour in reaction to sunlight and water. The Rainforest dress (below) features colour changing flowers (from white to purple) when in contact with sunlight.

Rainbow winters

They then turn  fully coloured when in contact with both water and sunlight.

Rainbow winters

The Petal dress (below) is a short-sleeved, cotton mini dress that has been printed with sun-reactive ink so that indoors it remains pink…

Rainbow winters

…but once outside beings to change colour!

Rainbow winters

The panels on this lightning printed taffeta skirt also changes colour in the sunlight.

Rainbow winters

Rainbow winters also revealed a unique swimsuit that is printed with similar sun-reactive technology, changing the central panel into purple dots when you lounge in the sun.

Rainbow winters

This collection is truly stunning and has us praying for lots of sunshine next season!

Via Rainbow Winters

HP launches paparazzi campaign with Saatchi & Saatchi

Ever the fashionable PC manufacturer, HP has enlisted the help of photographer Dave Hogan and Saatchi & Saatchi for a new stylish paparazzi inspired campaign for its Notebook Collection.


Jean Pierre Le Calvez, vice president of marketing at HP, said:

“The Paparazzi campaign aims to capture the vibrant lifestyles of young, design conscious consumers and showcase how our style portfolio puts them centre stage and helps them perform.”


The star models of this campaign, and by models I mean laptops,  include the HP Mini 210, the HP Pavilion dv6, the HP Pavilion dm4, the HP Envy and the famous HP Vivienne Tam Edition notebook – the one that took the fashion world by storm in the spring of this year.

It is a very glamorous campaign, that shows technology as the latest fashion accessory, which isn’t far off the mark. I mean how many stars have you see out and about clutching their shiny new iPads,  using them as shields from their camera wielding stalkers?!


HP is also advertising a trade-in alongside this campaign, whereby you can trade in your old notebook and receive a full £150 back against any qualifying new HP notebook PC.

This is obviously subject to terms and conditions which you will find on the HP site along with the rest of the shots and a “making of” video.