The Rainbow Winters collection – clothes that react to water and sunlight!

Just as the precarious British weather surprises us, changing from rain to shine and back again, young designers are catching us out with new and more ingenious creations every fashion week.

Amy Winters, British/Swedish designer and Central Saint Martin’s graduate, has  created a capsule spring summer 2011 collection that is inspired by the changing weather, and boy to we love it!

Rainbow winters

Her label, Rainbow Winters, has just debuted its first ready-to-wear collection on the catwalks at London Fashion Week and here at Fashionology we are very taken with her designs.

Amy has created a collection of printed garments which change colour in reaction to sunlight and water. The Rainforest dress (below) features colour changing flowers (from white to purple) when in contact with sunlight.

Rainbow winters

They then turn  fully coloured when in contact with both water and sunlight.

Rainbow winters

The Petal dress (below) is a short-sleeved, cotton mini dress that has been printed with sun-reactive ink so that indoors it remains pink…

Rainbow winters

…but once outside beings to change colour!

Rainbow winters

The panels on this lightning printed taffeta skirt also changes colour in the sunlight.

Rainbow winters

Rainbow winters also revealed a unique swimsuit that is printed with similar sun-reactive technology, changing the central panel into purple dots when you lounge in the sun.

Rainbow winters

This collection is truly stunning and has us praying for lots of sunshine next season!

Via Rainbow Winters


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