Mechanical Couture at the Design Museum Holon, Israel

From the 14th October 2010 until 8th January 2011 The Design Museum Holon will be holding a ground-breaking exhibition with a fashionology theme.

Mechanical Couture

The show, entitled Mechanical Couture, will display the works of famous designers from all over the globe including ISSAY MIYAKE creative director Dai Fujiwara in collaboration with Dyson, British designer Shelley Fox and shoe designer Marloes ten Bhömer.

This exhibition explores how machines are redefining haute couture, an area of fashion synonymous with quality and hand craftsmanship.

Marloes ten Bhomer

Although mechanics and fashion put together usually conjure up images of factories and mass-produced garments that look exactly same, in this exhibition these designers are looking at how machines can help deliver very uniquely crafted garments as well.

For more information about the exhibition and the designers involved visit the Design Museum Holon website.


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