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Adidas Facebook and Twitter Superstars

Don’t you just love it when people start to think that same? This concept has been created by someone on the Fashionology wave length.

Web designer/illustrator/digital artist, Gerry McKay, has drawn up a concept of a pairof Facebook or Twitter Adidas Superstars.

For those of you less in touch with trainer speak, Superstars are considered one of the most classic trainer designs ever made.

Gerry has taken this classic shoe and applied heo popular theme of social media to the design. He did this following the Adidas Superstars’ 35th anniversary in 2006 and said of the Twitter trainer:

“Twitter as a brand is increasingly on the rise and I thought it would be interesting to see what it would look like if Adidas also released a limited edition Twitter Superstar.”


What do you make of these concepts? Would you wear an Adidas Twitter or Facebook  Superstar trainer?


Mechanical Couture at the Design Museum Holon, Israel

From the 14th October 2010 until 8th January 2011 The Design Museum Holon will be holding a ground-breaking exhibition with a fashionology theme.

Mechanical Couture

The show, entitled Mechanical Couture, will display the works of famous designers from all over the globe including ISSAY MIYAKE creative director Dai Fujiwara in collaboration with Dyson, British designer Shelley Fox and shoe designer Marloes ten Bhömer.

This exhibition explores how machines are redefining haute couture, an area of fashion synonymous with quality and hand craftsmanship.

Marloes ten Bhomer

Although mechanics and fashion put together usually conjure up images of factories and mass-produced garments that look exactly same, in this exhibition these designers are looking at how machines can help deliver very uniquely crafted garments as well.

For more information about the exhibition and the designers involved visit the Design Museum Holon website.

Fashionology footwear – elevator shoes and more 3D printing

Are you too short to reach those beautiful dresses hanging on the top rail in clothes shops?  Do you want to appear taller without having to wear heels all the time? Or maybe you are tired of craning your neck to kiss your dashingly tall boyfriend?

Well now, throw that Yellow Pages in the bin, there is a solution!

SHORT++ are interactive robotic shoes that can literally elevate you to new heights! These innovative shoes, created by Adi Marom, are controlled by an iPhone app, so with the touch of a button you can be a few inches taller! To view her videos just click the image below.

elevator shoes

They may not be the most beautiful creations, but they are a start!

My last blog post talked about 3D printing and this is going to big, you heard it here first! Students at two of Stockholm’s  most prestigious design schools have collaborated to produce the first, fully-wearable 3D printed shoes.

3d shoes

Naim Josefi of Beckmans and Souzan Youssouf of Konstfack, both designed and modelled the prototypes for Naim’s “Melonia” collection, shown during Stockholm Fashion Show earlier this year.

3D shoes

The concept is brilliant – creating artful shoes using Selective Laser Sintering.

For more information visit Naim’s homepage.


Festival fashionology: wellies that charge your phone

If you are worried about how to keep in contact with friends/boyfriend/parents when you are at a festival, Orange has developed an ideal solution- ‘welectricity’!


The Orange Power Wellies are a must-have this summer – they keep your feet dry and generate renewable energy that can be used to rejuvenate your mobile phone.

The power is collected through the “power generating sole” so around twelve hours of dancing around at Bestival this September will provide you with enough power to charge your mobile for one hour!

The science of it is as follows; inside the sole of the boots lie thermoelectric modules constructed of pairs of p-type and n-type semiconductor materials forming a thermocouple.

The thermocouples are electrically connected to form multiple thermocouples which are then placed between two ceramic layers.


So when heat (from you foot) is applied to the top side of the layer, and a cold surface (the ground) touches the underside, electricity is generated.

If you don’t get the technical part, all you need to know is they are practical, classic festival chic and they keep your phone alive. One festival dilemma solved!

The wellies were showcased as a prototype at Glastonbury this year, so let hope they bring them out in time for all the festivals to come!


Flip-flops with built in LED torch

Ok this may seem like a strange idea to some, but for all you beach bums and surfers out there, this is a really cool piece of Fashionology!

Teva, a sport sandal and shoe manufacturer has come up with the illūm sandal which provides a “glow from below”. What they mean by that precarious phrase is that the sandal has a small waterproof LED torch set into the toe-post to aid those who like to hit the waves at the crack of dawn. It literally lights up the ground in front of you so you can see where you are walking!

Can’t say I spend much time on a board, “cutting-back”, seeing as my nearest stretch of water is the murky Thames. However, this is a bitchin’ idea for anyone who spends the early hours of their morning try to see their way to water front.

Getting to that surf spot can be quite difficult when it’s dark, I mean its hard enough work to walk across sand in the light, let alone dodge pot-holes and large rocks in the dark of dawn.

The illūm sandal is the perfect solution. The top sole is made from comfortable and soft leather, or a cheaper synthetic material if you’d prefer, and the outsole from rubber and the LED light is waterproof and detachable.

They cost just $60, (around £40) and you can buy them from the 11th May on the Teva website.

Light up heels from Chanel, Rodarte and Jimmy Choo

There is a new fashionology craze circulating the footwear sector lately – light up shoes. Do you remember those oh-so-cool trainers you begged your parents to buy you when you were younger, the ones that lit up when you jumped? Well now some of the biggest names in fashion are having a go.

First it was Chanel; Lagerfeld obviously had a “light bulb moment” and decided to use that as inspiration for his S/S 2010 footwear line. The sequined goat sandals with a functioning bulb heel will have you lighting up the pavement like MJ in his Billie Jean music video.

Image via Chanel

Next are Rodarte’s Illuminated Heels designed by Nicholas Kirkwood, a London based shoe designer, for the labels A/W collection, 2010/2011. These gorgeous multi-textured stilettos, shown at New York Fashion Week, are fitted with small LED lights that glow through the dripped-wax effect heel.

Images via designboom

Last, but by no means least, is one of the footwear titans, Jimmy Choo. These black patent-leather and suede, open-toe Zappa sandals have a five inch high neon-yellow heel and a one inch neon-pink platform which lights up. It is powered by a non-chargeable battery imbedded in the shoe, which lasts for approximately 100 hours of continuous use.

Image via Net-a-porter

Talk about being light on your feet!