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Kate Moss stars in the first fashion 3D movie

I don’t know how I let this one slip by, but here is the news for those of you who missed it too. Kate Moss recently starred in the world’s first fashion 3D movie, KM3D-1 in collaboration with AnOther magazine.


Artist and filmmaker Baillie Walsh created the short 3D film who previously worked with Moss on a hologram for Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2006 show.

In the film, Moss is depicted in an almost goddess-like manner, thanks to the stylings of Jerry Stafford. Using state-of-the-art Phantom cameras, Moss was captured at 1,000 shots per second, which allowed the film to be slowed down to a speed at which a slow movement is almost undetectable.

Kate appears frozen in time, before she launches a handful of shattering diamonds at the camera. This film is truly beautiful and the 3D technology makes for a more mystical viewing – you can view it here.

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3D glasses are no longer embarrassing thanks to Gucci

It was only a matter of time before fashion designers started to ride the 3D wave! Oakley recently released some “optically correct” Real D glasses, but they weren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea.


However, Gucci has latched on to the fact that most 3D glasses are darn ugly, and has done something about it! These Gucci “optically correct” Real D frames, are styled with the same 80’s look as the rest of Gucci’s eyewear in its recent summer collection.

They have a high-tech multi-layer mirrored coating too, which prevents distortion when you check out your new look in the mirror.

They are available only from US stores in December – though looking cool in 3D will set you back a pretty penny…$225 to be exact.

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Elizabeth Hurley turns on the 3D show for Breast Cancer Awareness at Harrods

On Tuesday last week, British beauty  Elizabeth Hurley paid a visit to Harrods in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and it was quite a show!

Elizabeth Hurley

This was an event in honour of both for the Breast Cancer Awareness charity and for Estée Lauder, to raise awareness and contributions for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Hurley, who is the brand ambassador for Estée Lauder and ambassador for Breast Cancer Awareness, pushed the button which turned the famous Harrods facade pink in a spectacular 3D Global Illumination ceremony.

All viewers were given pink 3D glasses and saw the skies turn pink and strewn with the dazzling Breast Cancer Awareness emblem, the pink ribbon.

Hurley wore a gorgeous one-shoulder dress – in pink  of course – and met customers and signed purchases from the exclusive Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Collection 2010.

Estee Lauder lip design collection

If you want to help with the cause, buying one of the Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Collection 2010 products is a great way to start, as £7.50 of every purchase is donated to the The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

To get yours visit the Harrods website.

Image via London Evening Standard

Cosmo launches 3D magazine cover featuring Cat Deeley!

I was doing my weekly shop ay Tesco last night and a flickering image caught my eye as I browsed the magazine isle. Was I deliriously hungry, or was Cat Deeley actually swishing her hair at me from the cover of Cosmo’s September issue?

You’ll be glad to hear I am not losing my mind! Cosmopolitan magazine has launched a special edition 3D magazine cover featuring a hologram of the TV presenter!

cosmo 3D cover

In celebration of her being the new face of Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light, Cosmo has released a special collectors edition of the magazine.

As you move the mag you will see Cat perform her signature hair swish –  in recognition of Pantene’s “Make a Swisssh” campaign.

Only 50,000 copies  will be distributed (via Tesco only) so if you want to own a piece of Fashionology history – Cosmo’s very first 3D fashion magazine cover – AND get your hands on the free Pantene product and £1 voucher inside, get down to you nearest Tesco ASAP!

Fashionology footwear – elevator shoes and more 3D printing

Are you too short to reach those beautiful dresses hanging on the top rail in clothes shops?  Do you want to appear taller without having to wear heels all the time? Or maybe you are tired of craning your neck to kiss your dashingly tall boyfriend?

Well now, throw that Yellow Pages in the bin, there is a solution!

SHORT++ are interactive robotic shoes that can literally elevate you to new heights! These innovative shoes, created by Adi Marom, are controlled by an iPhone app, so with the touch of a button you can be a few inches taller! To view her videos just click the image below.

elevator shoes

They may not be the most beautiful creations, but they are a start!

My last blog post talked about 3D printing and this is going to big, you heard it here first! Students at two of Stockholm’s  most prestigious design schools have collaborated to produce the first, fully-wearable 3D printed shoes.

3d shoes

Naim Josefi of Beckmans and Souzan Youssouf of Konstfack, both designed and modelled the prototypes for Naim’s “Melonia” collection, shown during Stockholm Fashion Show earlier this year.

3D shoes

The concept is brilliant – creating artful shoes using Selective Laser Sintering.

For more information visit Naim’s homepage.


Amsterdam Fashion Week: Iris van Herpen 3D couture

It is that time of year again – my favourite time, bar Christmas – when designers around the world begin to show their Spring/Summer collections for the year to come.

This month was Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2010, where much to my excitement, Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen unveiled a Fashionology inspired couture collection.

Iris van Herpen

This mesmerising collection preview, named “Crystallisation”, is inspired by this very process; the transformation of water into crystal.

In order to create her stunning 3D pieces, Iris van Herpen collaborated with 3D product design company .MGX by Materialise,  along with architect Daniel Wright.


Models came down the catwalk in Ecco leather latticed dresses, cocooned in rippled-leather shoulder pads.

Iris van Herpen

Some of the most beautiful pieces featured almost wing-like creations made to look like splashes of water, solidified into crystal.

Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen

The full “Crystallisation” collection will be shown at London Fashion Week this September. You can watch the show yourself on YouTube, just click here.

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