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Adidas Facebook and Twitter Superstars

Don’t you just love it when people start to think that same? This concept has been created by someone on the Fashionology wave length.

Web designer/illustrator/digital artist, Gerry McKay, has drawn up a concept of a pairof Facebook or Twitter Adidas Superstars.

For those of you less in touch with trainer speak, Superstars are considered one of the most classic trainer designs ever made.

Gerry has taken this classic shoe and applied heo popular theme of social media to the design. He did this following the Adidas Superstars’ 35th anniversary in 2006 and said of the Twitter trainer:

“Twitter as a brand is increasingly on the rise and I thought it would be interesting to see what it would look like if Adidas also released a limited edition Twitter Superstar.”


What do you make of these concepts? Would you wear an Adidas Twitter or Facebook  Superstar trainer?


My HP Style on ASOS

Online shopping legend ASOS has teamed with the oracle of stylish laptops, HP, to create a new “Fashion Insider” campaign.

fashion insider

Visitors to ASOS, or those of you obsessed enough to receive regular email updates from the side (that’s me right there) may well have seen the HP ads asking you to “take the style challenge”.

The aim of this challenge is for you to play around with some of ASOS’s latest stock and create your ideal style, and also to promote HP’s line of fashionable notebooks.

I had a go and came up with a few outfits I loved. Plus, it even uploads them to Facebook too, avec title and your name!

my HP style

If you want to share your ASOS style then take the HP Style Insider challenge.

Sony Ericsson launches X10 Mini Pro in white!

White has become the must-wear colour this summer, proof of which can be seen in the fact that the LWD (little white dress) has become the choice over the classic LBD!

little white dresses

Sony has managed to stay on top of the trend and has just announced the launch of the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro in white.

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro in white

This handset is petite and très chic, measuring less than 10 cm long – the perfect clutch bag size, thank you Sony. Style icon Jade Jagger has even named it on her  “white accessories wishlist”!

It is available on Google’s  Android operating system, exclusively on Three. It is a touch screen  phone but also has a full sliding QWERTY keyboard, ideal for those who like the option of both.

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro in white

It comes with  a five megapixel camera and features Sony Ericsson Timescape™ which is basically a live feed off all your texts, emails and social media posts.

The Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro in white is  available from Three stores on The One Plan, offering 1GB of Data, 5000 texts, 2000 any network minutes, 5000 Three to Three minutes for £30 a month. See in stores for more details.

This is a very stylish phone and in the simplest way. Sony, Fashionology approves!

Vogue embraces the beauty of technology

This month Vogue, aka the fashion bible, is featuring a major female figure of the tech world and in doing so has given me hope that Fashionology is reaching the top of the fashion food chain.

Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg is the subject of an in-depth profile in US Vogue’s May edition – the one with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover – it is definitely my favourite issue yet!

In the article Sandberg gives readers a sneaky peek into the world of Facebook, working with Mark Zuckerberg and an insight into how Facebook can take over web advertising!

This interview with a woman in the tech world follows one by Glamour, a fellow Condé Nast glossy, which featured Google executive Marissa Mayer as a visionary, last November.

Fashionology is not just about the gadgets, it’s about the merging of fashion and tech in all senses, and this united front between Vogue and Sandberg not only shows how fashionable the tech industry can be, but may even promote such careers to the underrepresented female population in this sector.

Image via Vogue

Ping, the clothing that connects you to Facebook!

Ping is a social networking phenomenon that allows you connect to your Facebook account wirelessly through your clothes!

The Ping garment, a sporty yet feminine hoody, was created by Electricfoxy a company that:

“Investigates garments that have electronics built directly into them resulting in a new aesthetic of form and behaviour that becomes a core part of our expression, our identity, and our individuality.”

The Ping prototype was built on an Arduino Lilypad platform and uses a range of flexible sensors and conductive threads, that would survive general wear and tear and a tumble in the wash, and the wireless capabilities were built using Lylipad Xbee.

So how does it work exactly? Well the garment senses your movements, whether you lift your hood, bend, tie a bow, zip or button up, and then pings your friends automatically. For example, if you put the hood up and then down, this will generate a communication to Facebook; the Facebook application is customisable so you can alter the message and receiver for each action.

If you get a message back, you will feel a tapping sensation on the shoulder of the garment (not for the easily frightened I feel). It doesn’t stop there; you can create your own language with this thing, in the form of tapping rhythms! Super cool!

Via Engadget

Source and images from Electricfoxy