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Selfridges to sell CuteCircuit LED dresses as seen on Katy Perry!

Hooray, Fashionology is hitting Selfridges!

Do you all remember how Katy Perry outshone everyone on the red carpet earlier this year at the New York Met Costume Institute Gala, in a LED decorated dress?

Well now you can have your very own light up dress thanks to the exclusive launch of the K Dress by CuteCircuit as part of the Selfridges Christmas offer.

The dress is made of pure silk and contains tiniest LED’s in the world, which are then embedded into its silk chiffon fabric. The lights are controlled by a tiny snap-on brain which plugs into underneath of the shoulder strap.

This can be removed for recharging the battery via USB and for dry-cleaning the dress. The K Dress is shorter than the one sported by Katy Perry and is hand-crafted by CuteCircuit.

If you want to brighten up your wardrobe like a Christmas tree in winter, then this dress is the perfect ensemble!

K Dress by CuteCircuit (£1,350) will be available exclusively from the 2nd Floor at Selfridges from October 28th 2010.


CuteCircuit’s “CuteStore” is now open!

All you Fashionology lovers who want to get in on the LED action, click over to CuteCircuit’s newly opened CuteStore!

CuteCircuit is a London-based fashion company that designs fantastic wearable technology for the likes of Katy Perry and Azerbaijan’s Eurovision contestant Safura! Other famous creations include the Galaxy Dress, now on display at the  Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and mobile phone dress.

So if you fancy lighting up your wardrobe during the ever darkening autumn season season, what better way than with a Twirkle T-Shirt…

CuteStore_twirkle t

…or a pair of Disco Leggings?


Prices range from £90 for a Twirkle T-Shirt to £160 for a Star Twirkle Dress…

CuteStore_twirkle dress

For more information about these amazing products, for both men and women, and to make a purchase, take a look at the new CuteStore now! There is currently free shipping in the UK so hurry up before they all the sizes get snapped up!

Rihanna lights up the stage with laser and LED outfits

Rihanna has always been brave when it comes to fashion and the outfits worn during her European Last Girl On Earth tour have been demonstrating her love for Fashionology!

Rihanna, 22, sported a floor-length black dress covered in red LEDs which was capable of displaying video!

rihanna led dress

The dress, designed by Paris based couturier Alexandre Vauthier and developed by Mortiz Waldemeyer (creator of Imogen Heap’s Twitter dress), uses a combination of compressed gas systems and video capable LED circuits, smart eh?


The star also shone (quite literally) at the AMA’s last year, with her bondage style catsuit with laser embedded shoulder pads – created again by Moritz Waldemeyer along with Rihanna’s styling team and Simon Henwood.

rihanna laser shoulderpads

First Rihanna, then Katy Perry…even Bono donned a laser-fitted leather jacket by Moritz Waldemeyer during U2’s 360° Tour in 2009. Fashionology is catching…spread the word people!

Katy Perry glows in an LED dress at the Costume Institute Gala

When Katy Perry first emerged on the red carpet in a floor-length, pale pink and white ruffled gown, she looked elegant and rather understated, considering her taste for the more eccentric fashions. But then, there was light!

Katy Perry attended the Costume Institute Gala Benefit to celebrate the opening of the American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in an eye catching LED dress.

The concealed rows on fairy lights under the fabric of her dress caught the eye of every onlooker and the flash of every camera. The light changed from blues and greens to yellows and pinks and the posed for the press.

The gown is the handy work of CuteCircuit, a London-based company that is famous for the LED Galaxy Dress and award-winning “smart textiles”.

Via The Daily Mail

The LED Galaxy Dress

I know I’m a bit slow off the mark on this one, seeing as it was unveiled in November last year, but I simply have to mention it because it is one of the most beautiful fashionology examples I’ve seen yet!

It reminds me of being a young girl, watching the end of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and marvelling at the magic that made her dress change from pink to blue and back again. If it were modern times, she would have been wearing the Galaxy Dress.

The Galaxy Dress is made from 24,000 small full-colour LEDs which are embroidered onto a layer of silk which allows the fabric to stretch making it movable and is powered by small and light iPod batteries. Underneath it has four layers of silk chiffon, an organza pleated crinoline skirt and Swarovski crystals sparkle where there is no space for LEDs.

The designer duo responsible for the creation of the “largest wearable display”, as has been called, is Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, who run the interactive clothing company CuteCircuit.

The dress is on permanent display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and if you can’t afford the flight out to see it in its sparkling glory, here is a video of it.

Image credit: goldbirds