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Fashionology has found a stylish cycling helmet!

A few months ago I wrote a post about stylish light-up bicycle jackets and since then I have been on a mission to find a fashionable helmet to complete the deal.

As more and more people jump on the cycling bandwagon, I am beginning to feel the urge to do so myself. But before I perch myself precariously on a Boris bike and peddle about the busy London streets, I want to make sure I am safe – a cracked skull is not a good look.

One problem…cycling helmets can be very ugly things, especially if like me you aren’t a ‘hat person’. But thankfully there may be a solution, thanks to the Swedish designers behind Hövding or Chieftain as it is also known.


Hövding is a cycling helmet unlike any other on the market – for a start, its not really a helmet – it’s more of an airbag for your head. Hövding is effectively a collar that you wear around your neck which can cleverly be disguised as a scarf or snood and inside it holds a folded up airbag.

Hövding airbag

In the event of an accident, this airbag will inflate into a cushioned hood around your head, shielding you from injury. Sounds strange I know, but if you take a look at this video you can see how it works.


The airbag is made of durable nylon, to prevent bursting when in contact with concrete and inflates in an impressive 0.1 seconds. The collar is fitted with a tiny helium gas generator and is called into action by accelerometers and gyro-meters – which record the abnormal movement of a rider in an accident.


This is such a great invention! The collars look great and mean that you can keep safe on the road without sporting a heavy and unattractive helmet!

The Chieftain can also tell the difference between small movements and a car hitting you at 20 miles an hour, to there is no risk of you inflating your head whilst you bend down to big up you bag.

HövdingThere is so much more technical genius behind the Hövding so if you would like to read more about it visit the Hövding website.

Via Wired


Safe and stylish cycling: a bicycle jacket with lights

Of late, I have seen increasing numbers of cyclists on the road; the result of the warmer weather, or perhaps a reaction to global warming?

I have often thought about joining this new cycling cult. I long to evoke the nostalgia of being eleven years old and feeling the wind whipping at my face; I remember it being very liberating!

But there are two things that put me off now that I am older and living in a big city with crazy cab drivers.

Number one – safety. I have heard so many horror stories of cyclists being hit by bendy buses and just the other day, some guy in a pimped out BMW decided to start reversing in the bus lane and almost knocked a poor woman off her bike! I was horrified!

Number two – what do you wear on a bike? I’ve seen brave women pedalling around London in heels and skirts, sans helmet, and considering the above fear that doesn’t seem so wise. Also, what about cycling at night? Fluorescents never did suit me.

It was just this week, however, that I found a brilliant piece of Fashionology that could remedy the fluorescent situation, at least. Angella Mackey, a Toronto-based media artist and clothing designer, has created stylish bicycle jackets with lights imbedded in them.

Pure genius! Now if only I could find a fashionable helmet…the search is on!

Via Angella Mackey