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The LED Galaxy Dress

I know I’m a bit slow off the mark on this one, seeing as it was unveiled in November last year, but I simply have to mention it because it is one of the most beautiful fashionology examples I’ve seen yet!

It reminds me of being a young girl, watching the end of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and marvelling at the magic that made her dress change from pink to blue and back again. If it were modern times, she would have been wearing the Galaxy Dress.

The Galaxy Dress is made from 24,000 small full-colour LEDs which are embroidered onto a layer of silk which allows the fabric to stretch making it movable and is powered by small and light iPod batteries. Underneath it has four layers of silk chiffon, an organza pleated crinoline skirt and Swarovski crystals sparkle where there is no space for LEDs.

The designer duo responsible for the creation of the “largest wearable display”, as has been called, is Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, who run the interactive clothing company CuteCircuit.

The dress is on permanent display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and if you can’t afford the flight out to see it in its sparkling glory, here is a video of it.

Image credit: goldbirds