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Stylish iPhone covers

If you are not content with Apple’s sleek design of the iPhone, which lets face it, is a tad simple for us fashionistas then why not try out an Ultra-Case.

I stumbled across this website today, which sells amazing iPhone covers, for both guys and girls.

One of my favourites is the Spark (see below), a cover with glitzy finish and special pattern, available in three colours, blackout, copper and a vibrant purple. It is made from a gauze-like fabric of rayon material, which is durable and fadeless.

Spark iPhone cover

The aptly named Vogue cover, is stylishly decorated with a unique gradient colour, in either blue, green or orange, and a transparent anodized coating which provides a mirror-like surface.

There are so many cute and stylish designs, it’ll be hard to choose; from a jewel encrusted World Cup edition, to faux reptile skins, floral carvings, sparkly spider webs and woven leather.

All Ultra-Case iPhone covers have cut outs for the docking connector, power switch, headset port and speaker and the screen is left uncovered for easy and convenient access. They are suitable for the 3G and 3GS iPhone.