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Freehands gloves keep you warm and in touch!

As the days of November get steadily more frosty I, as a touchscreen phone user, am finding it hard to keep my hands warm and work my phone.

You all know what I mean. You have your woolly gloves on, you are rushing down the street to work, trying to text your friend on your iPhone/Samsung/HTC creation or maybe a Blackberry phone with those fiddly, teeny-tiny keys.


The next thing you know you have mispelt the whole message or even worse (like I did the other day) you have flung your precious baby onto the floor in your desperation to Swype!

This may seem like a rather small issue to be moaning about, but it it still an issue nonetheless. But I have discovered a solution thanks to a friend of mine. Freehand has a collection of gloves specifically designed to make texting, typing and Swyping a whole lot easier!

The simple design involves PVC palm dots for grip and detachable index finger and thumb tips. These tips are held back and out of the way by small magnets too – how cute!


These gloves are available for men and women in a range of colours and styles; prices start from as little as £10.16! To browse the collection visit the Freehands website!


D&G loves the iPad

Of late, fashion labels have really started tapping into the latest technology trends what with Gucci and Chanel releasing iPhone apps and Burberry streaming a 3D catwalk show. Everyone is raving about the iPad, I know that Net-a-Porter had just released one but no one has been more excited about its uses, it seems, than D&G.

dg ipad display

It currently has a D&G Fashion Channel available on iTunes and live-streamed its 2010 shows on Android phones and iPhones but thinks went further during the 20th anniversary menswear show that took place in Milan last month.

Coating the walls in the Palazzo Marino, Milan’s 16th-century city hall, were 28 iPads displaying images that celebrated two decades of Dolce & Gabbana for Men (above).

There was also a video-sculpture made of approximately 100 monitors of various sizes that showed images of Dolce & Gabbana menswear fashion shows from 1990 to 2010.  It was the perfect combination of fashion and its history portrayed on the most of technologies.
wall of screens

The digital theme did not stop there however, as in the nearby Piazza della Scala, an installation made up of  four large multimedia cubes which comprised of nine million luminous LEDs, broadcasted images of life in Milan , of Dolce & Gabbana’s menswear collections and of the events inside the Palazzo Marino in a loop.

The top off this very fashionable digital event, guests were given postcards containing QR codes that led to extra info that could be downloaded to smartphones!

What is more, D&G has also brought out a line of iPad cases – see an example below…

Via Wired

Stylish iPhone covers

If you are not content with Apple’s sleek design of the iPhone, which lets face it, is a tad simple for us fashionistas then why not try out an Ultra-Case.

I stumbled across this website today, which sells amazing iPhone covers, for both guys and girls.

One of my favourites is the Spark (see below), a cover with glitzy finish and special pattern, available in three colours, blackout, copper and a vibrant purple. It is made from a gauze-like fabric of rayon material, which is durable and fadeless.

Spark iPhone cover

The aptly named Vogue cover, is stylishly decorated with a unique gradient colour, in either blue, green or orange, and a transparent anodized coating which provides a mirror-like surface.

There are so many cute and stylish designs, it’ll be hard to choose; from a jewel encrusted World Cup edition, to faux reptile skins, floral carvings, sparkly spider webs and woven leather.

All Ultra-Case iPhone covers have cut outs for the docking connector, power switch, headset port and speaker and the screen is left uncovered for easy and convenient access. They are suitable for the 3G and 3GS iPhone.