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Lady Gaga, Queen of Fashionology

Ok, so a few weeks ago I named Hussein Chalayan as the King of fashionology and now it’s time to announce the Queen. The crown goes to Lady Gaga.

This girl is a lot more involved in the technology industry than people may realise. She is the creative Director for Polaroid, has her own Beats by Dre headphones and even more recently released a Bluetooth head set with her picture on it (see below).

To top that she even sings about telephones and video phones, I think she is closet gadget geek!

Gaga is more famous, however, for her very bold fashion statements, and of late, they have been taking more of a Fashionology shape. Back in March when she appeared on the Jonathan Ross show she wore a telephone on her head – crazy but it worked, as do most of Gaga’s ensembles.

But the dress that really had the wow factor, the one that is possibly my favourite is ‘The Living Dress’ that she debuted at the Echo Arena in Liverpool earlier this year. She announced via Twitter that she would be debuting the latest creation from the Haus of Gaga, one inspired by our very own Fashionology King’s shape shifting dresses.

The Living Dress, was a beautiful and extravagant, iridescent creation which mechanically parted at the front to reveal her legs. It featured moving wings and a headpiece that made Gaga look almost angelic as she sang “I’m So Happy I Could Die.”

We eagerly await more Fashionology exhibitions from our Queen Gaga!

Living dress image credit: Luke

Bluetooth headset via Engadget