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Vogue embraces the beauty of technology

This month Vogue, aka the fashion bible, is featuring a major female figure of the tech world and in doing so has given me hope that Fashionology is reaching the top of the fashion food chain.

Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg is the subject of an in-depth profile in US Vogue’s May edition – the one with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover – it is definitely my favourite issue yet!

In the article Sandberg gives readers a sneaky peek into the world of Facebook, working with Mark Zuckerberg and an insight into how Facebook can take over web advertising!

This interview with a woman in the tech world follows one by Glamour, a fellow Condé Nast glossy, which featured Google executive Marissa Mayer as a visionary, last November.

Fashionology is not just about the gadgets, it’s about the merging of fashion and tech in all senses, and this united front between Vogue and Sandberg not only shows how fashionable the tech industry can be, but may even promote such careers to the underrepresented female population in this sector.

Image via Vogue